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Coding First’s curriculum empowers kids and youth with the 21st century skills and gives them a competitive advantage in an AI ruled future!

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Discover a whole new way of learning and problem solving with cutting edge technology and a leading stem certified curriculum.

Graphical Programming

Learn programming, machine learning, programs for robots, code and design games and much more with Scratch a blocks based coding platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

Get Certified

Receive a certificate at the end of each course and share your new skills with your family and friends. Coding First has the leading STEM curriculum in Asia and the Gulf. Its curriculum is developed by a team of Engineers and doctorates, led by Dr. Houry Keoshkerian.

Become a Changemaker

Learn programming and AI to be well equipped for tomorrow’s world.


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Solve Problems

Be a team player

What They Think About Us
I feel that having such a good system in a website allowed me and other teachers to focus more on the students’ learning experience and less on curriculum preparation, quiz creation and correction. Quizzes are corrected automatically, the curriculum is very well structured and fun.
Since I adopted the Coding First system and curriculum in my school, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my business: Students, teachers and parents all gave us a much better feedback for having a very well organized and trackable system. Owner of Hansen Education Consulting and director at Wuyan Training school
The curriculum is fun, easy and challenging. I enjoy it every time. I also like it much better than the old-fashioned ICT course we used to learn in the past. The online Coding First website allows me to login anytime to review lessons of the past, take quizzes and compete with fellow students.
My 13 year old daughter has been learning at Coding First for four years. Her love and passion for coding keep increasing. I am so happy to see her get hands-on experience with coding concepts at such a young age.
STEM.org Founder
Coding First's inherent role in the educational ecosystem has placed it in the unique, but challenging position of leading others by example, while striving for continued improvement of its program in the ever-changing, highly competitive 21st century global economy. It is a well-deserved and hard-won achievement in which you should be proud.
While we have been using the codingfirst.org platform, the team has been open to feedback and always finds ways to make the platform better. The students have found it easy to use and are given plenty of opportunities to practice their new skill. The curriculum itself is different from many other ones that are offered on the wider internet.
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